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Advertising With Travel Hockey PlannerTM

Advertising on the Travel Hockey PlannerTM website gives you direct access to a large group of travelers who are in need of your services while visiting your local ice rink. Travel Ice Hockey players, parents, coaches, and fans spend a lot of time on the road for games and tournaments and spend a considerable amount of money in the areas that provide services for them.

Advertising For Local Service Providers
Prices for our services vary, depending on where you want to advertise and for how long. If you would like a customized advertisement on, please contact our sales specialists at, or contact us directly at 610-707-3388.

Advertising For Rinks
If you would like to have a link to your rink's website on or would like a customized Rink advertisement, please contact us at, or contact us directly at 610-707-3388.
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